Game Info Keitai Denjuu Telefang
D shot (portable telephone)
The Telefang D shot is a portable telephone with the ability to contact the human world and the electric monster world. It also includes many of the same functions as a regular portable phone.
Here, all of the phone numbers are saved for monsters you have become friends with. You can view their stats and call them from here.
Picture Book
Information is displayed here for each species of electric monster you have befriended and recieved a phone number from.
A record of the time and name of the last 8 electric monsters who have called you.
D melo
Select the ring tone to be used when an electric monster calls you. It's also possible to input your own D melo tunes.
When the power is off, your electric monster friends may leave you voice mail messages here.
Settings including clock visibility, battle animation, and menu color can be changed here.
There are more functions to in addition to these!
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