FAQ/Puzzles Section

This is the place to find answers to frequently asked questions (like "How do I Test evolve?!"), walkthroughs for the game's difficult puzzles and mazes, and GameShark codes.


How do I Test Evolve?
Check out the explanation here in the E-Index.

What do the monsters' names mean?
Most of them are actually named after plants! Here is what I've found.

Where manatee came from?

It's manatee right there!!
Manatee Land where manatee get came from! No boats allowed in Manatee Land. Propeller boat put danger on a manatee!

What do the icons in the directory mean?
Each electric monster has a personality that effects how they battle. You can see what it is by looking at the directory entry for a monster you already have, or by looking at an opponent's stats before a battle.

Carefree Unknown effect
Very Carefree Unknown effect
Absent-Minded Late to battle sometimes
Very Absent-Minded Late to battle often
Selfish Refuses to attack sometimes
Very Selfish Refuses to attack often
Cowardly Escapes battle sometimes
Very Cowardly Escapes battle often
Short-Tempered Attacks freely sometimes
Very Short-Tempered Attacks freely often
Faithful Unknown effect
Very Faithful Unknown effect


Full Picture Book
Yep, it's a long one, but after entering the full code, every monster from 1-174 will appear in the Picture Book index.


Get Any Monster
This one requires some explaination. Basically, it turns the monsters saved in your diretory into any other monster you want. They keep their original names though. If, however, you only had two in the directory, and put a code on to make the third a Warata, the next monster you caught would become a Warata with the correct name. Also, if you use the first code (01xx00A0) at the beginning of a new game, your first monster will still be introduced as Kuriputo or Fangusu but will appear as the altered monster in your directory. Obviously, you can have more than 32 monsters at a time, but I haven't worked the codes out for the rest yet. These codes may cause sprite glitches on the map, such as random barrels appearing or pots breaking out of nowhere when you exit menus. To use one of the codes, replace the xx with one of the two-digit monster codes here. Turning the codes off in the middle of the game will revert the monsters back to their original species.

01xx00A0 Monster 1
01xx10A0 Monster 2
01xx20A0 Monster 3
01xx30A0 Monster 4
01xx40A0 Monster 5
01xx50A0 Monster 6
01xx60A0 Monster 7
01xx70A0 Monster 8
01xx80A0 Monster 9
01xx90A0 Monster 10
01xxA0A0 Monster 11
01xxB0A0 Monster 12
01xxC0A0 Monster 13
01xxD0A0 Monster 14
01xxE0A0 Monster 15
01xxF0A0 Monster 16
01xx00A1 Monster 17
01xx10A1 Monster 18
01xx20A1 Monster 19
01xx30A1 Monster 20
01xx40A1 Monster 21
01xx50A1 Monster 22
01xx60A1 Monster 23
01xx70A1 Monster 24
01xx80A1 Monster 25
01xx90A1 Monster 26
01xxA0A1 Monster 27
01xxB0A1 Monster 28
01xxC0A1 Monster 29
01xxD0A1 Monster 30
01xxE0A1 Monster 31
01xxF0A1 Monster 32

Infinite Items
Just replace the xx with any of the item codes here to get infinity of that item.


Infinite Money
Buy whatever you want, as much as you want!


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